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Novák Kristóf info

Kristof is our skilful & accomplished handyman in production and post-production. He is an indispensable asset, especially when creative ideas need to be put into practice and developed into a project, concept.

Novák Kristóf
Creative Producer
Novák Kristóf info

Barbara is our head producer with long-time experience in content creation as a senior commercial TV producer. With more than 2000 contacts in her contact list, she is an incredibly efficient content writer and it’s barely possible to surprise her with a brief.

Fränk Barbara
Head of Production
Novák Kristóf info

Fanni finished her studies at University of Theatre and Film Arts in 2020. She is invincible and the word „impossible” is absent from her vocabulary when it comes to production. She is not only confident at producing and directing, but has vast experience in editing.

Gilányi Fanni
Junior Producer